The Kingmakers Rockabilly HOme

Press & Media Appearances

CMDS (Country Music and Dance of Scotland) - Oct/Nov 2010 Issue

"The Kingmakers are an authentic rock'n'roll group ... They certainly capture not just the music but the raw energy of the era, where showmanship was key and songs were short and to the point. For this album, they headed to Nashville, recorded the album in Jack Clement's studio, and roped in J.M. Van Eaton and The Jordanaires to add some magic. There's 12 original tracks, and two alternative versions, and your feet won't stop tapping all the way through. It's an "as it happens" album, with some of the tracks preceded by studio chatter (no editing here). It adds to the authenticity. I particularly like "Saturday Night", "Annabelle" and the Cajun flavoured "Women & Weather". It's certainly different. I enjoyed the beat." - Stewart Fenwick

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