The Kingmakers Rockabilly Kingmakers Music

Johnny Come Lately
©2009 Stephen K. Donnelly

There's a new kid in town
By the name of Johnny C.
He thinks he's as cool as
A cat can be

He's strutting around like
He owns the place
It's starting to grate
They way he gets in my face

Johnny Come Lately
Oh can't you see
You're not welcome
In my vicinity

Johnny Come Lately (5x)
Don't come round here no more

I'm heading out for a
Night on the town
When I turn my back that's when
Johnny comes around

Talking to my woman like he's
Some kinda king
Well you know your bragging
Don't mean a thing

Your lies and your stories
Have become such a bore
Johnny you're not welcome
Round here any more


Johnny it's time to start
Spreading the news
We're all getting tired
Of looking at you

You think you're god's
Gift to this earth
Don't need an appraisal to
See what you're worth

If I told you one time
Then I'll tell you again
I don't want to see you round
These parts again



Johnny Come Lately
I'll tell you again
You may be my brother
But I don't need you as a friend