The Kingmakers Rockabilly Kingmakers Music

Let The Hammer Do The Work
©2009 Stephen K. Donnelly

When there's doin' to be done
When there's winnin' to be won
When there's a task at hand
There ain't no master plan
You gotta do what you can

When there's a heavy heavy weight
Or a strange twist of fate
You gotta use what you got
Even if it's not a lot
Please consider this thought

If you increase the distance
You decrease resistance
Use a lever or a pulley
Exploit the physics fully
Let the hammer do the work

One thing my daddy told me,
The knowledge he bestowed me:
Let the hammer do the work

Let the hammer do the work
Let the hammer do the work
Put your hands first
The wood'll do its worst
Let the hammer do the work

If a roof or a frame
The lesson is the same
Work smarter not harder
You'll get that much farther
If the timing is the same

If in your construction
You're looking for reduction
Of the effort you expend
Listen well my friend
To the message that I send